Support for adult students

Student life as an adult can be a bit different than when starting university at 18. If it’s been a while since you last studied, you may need to polish up some of those writing and research skills. You may also have conflicting priorities to juggle, such as family and work. Knowing what support is available for you can help to ensure your success.

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Who is an adult student

UC defines adult students as students over the age of 20.

Adult student support services

Academic skills for adult students’ programme

The Academic Skills Centre offers a series of tutorials for first-year adult students that help you learn university skills to help raise grades and to make a smooth transition to university studies.
At all levels of your study, The Academic Skills Centre is also available with a range of other useful workshops and the opportunity for one-to-one consultations and help.

Your support and development team

As an adult student, you might want some advice about how to succeed at UC. Whatever your interest or concern, meeting with a Student Care Advisor will help you to explore your options, stay on track with your studies, and develop useful skills for success.

Contact Student Care.

Certificate in University Preparation (CUP)

The Certificate in University Preparation (CUP) is a thirteen week course specifically designed to help you gain the skills needed to succeed at university. CUP is a proven path back into education, and the ideal start to training for a new career. Read Matt’s story to see how his UC journey began with a CUP course.

Students with families

Juggling family commitments is not always easy, but the university has an on campus day-care and a parents’ room.

Parent’s Room

A nursing room for parents is available in Forestry Room 236, with facilities for breastfeeding and bottle feeding.
The room is kitted out with a kettle and microwave for heating bottles, a fridge for keeping milk cool and a chair with a power point beside it to allow for expressing.

There are also baby-changing facilities in Puaka-James Hight - the first facility is available in the male toilets of Level 1 (accessible from the Undercroft), and the other in the female toilets of Level 2 (accessible from the Central Library).

Social activities and groups

The Adult Students' Association is a student run society that looks after the interest of adult students studying at UC by offering opportunities to form peer support and social ties with other adult students.

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Adult student profiles

Daniel Himsel thumb

Daniel Himsel

Experience behind. Potential ahead.
"At the firm where I'm interning right now most of the clients are around my age and up. They like the fact that they’re dealing with someone more mature."

Izadora Campos thumb

Izadora Campos

Multi-Tasker, Self-Starter.
“Having some life experience has been useful too. You know what you want to do more clearly and can absorb the information you need.”

Nick Maitland thumb

Nick Maitland

The happiness of higher learning.
"I don't have classes so there's a lot of freedom in how I spend my time. I do go to workshops four times a year. They’re brilliant."

Sarah Jane Petrie thumb

Sarah-Jane Petrie

Driven to make a difference.
'"CUP is for anyone who needs to get university entrance. I did it because I wanted to get a taste of uni and bring my academic skills up to standard."

Jessica Faris thumb

Jessica Faris

A Career Outdoors.
“UC has a lot of amazing support staff, lecturers and professors, the academic skills centre and the student services team.”

Grey Harris thumb

Grey Harris

Unlocking the Code to a Brighter Future.
“I've learned more in three months here than I did in three years of self-study.”

Haley Brown thumb

Haley Brown

Going The Distance.
“I get to look forward to going to work every day, and have the chance to be more creative and hands-on.”

Matt Exeter

Matt Exeter

Changing direction.
"Initially I was nervous about being an older student but the vibe on campus is really friendly. I never feel intimidated."


Ana Sarkis Fernandez

Ana Sarkis Fernandez

Engineering a brighter future.
"Studying in such a diverse place, surrounded by people with different backgrounds and interests helps you learn more about yourself and grow as a person."

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