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At UC, you may choose to study towards two bachelor's degrees and graduate with a unique skillset from both, giving you career flexibility and different opportunities. For those who have interests in diverse areas, a double or conjoint degree can provide complementary and enhanced knowledge, and give you the flexibility to work in a number of different disciplines and industries when you graduate. 

Working towards two seperate degrees at the same time – a Double degree – means you may complete some combinations in four to five years.

UC also offers some Conjoint degrees options, which combine two set degrees into a single bachelor's degree within four years of study.

Careful course planning is necessary when you are planning on studying double or conjoint degrees, to avoid overload and to ensure all the requirements for each degree are met. Contact a Student Advisor in each relevant College or School.

Qualification structure and duration

Double degrees

You may enrol in two degrees and cross-credit (share) courses in common up to a maximum of 120 points. Certain combinations of degrees do allow additional cross-credits or exemptions.

If you are interested in studying two degrees at the same time you should seek advice from each relevant College or School. For the full requirements for each degree see the UC Regulations.

General degree combinations:

The following general degrees can all be combined with one another:

Law degree combinations:

The Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Criminal Justice double degree is a particularly popular option for those interested in criminal law and the justice system. To complete this option, students will take LAWS 101 instead of the two CJRU compulsory courses in the BCJ in first year.

The combination of a Bachelor of Laws with a Bachelor of Commerce is another popular option if you want to pursue a career in business or management. Often this can be completed in five-and-a-half years, although this will involve increased course loads in some years. If you want to complete in the minimum time, you must complete the two compulsory courses and the 75-point non-Law component (five non-Law courses) of the Bachelor of Laws in the first year. Students need to plan their courses carefully to avoid overload.

Engineering degree combinations:

The length of time it will take to complete these combinations will depend on the major or specialisation you choose. Students are advised to seek advice to ensure all requirements for each degree are met.

Other possible degree combinations:

Conjoint degrees

Conjoint degrees are accelerated programmes for high-achieving students, which combine two degrees in as little as four years. 

The accelerated programmes require 60 points less than a double degree, but a higher workload at 135 points per year, as well as a minimum sustained Grade Point Average (B-). Students must graduate in both degrees part of the conjoint at the same time. 

UC offers three conjoint degrees:

By combining a Bachelor of Product Design, a Bachelor of Commerce, or a Bachelor of Science, students will develop skills in the aesthetic and technical design of products in their fields of interest, along with business skills or specialised scientific skills.

All conjoint degrees have similar structures of:

  • A minimum of 255 points from each degree in the conjoint. Requirements for a major subject from both degrees must also be met, including a minimum of 75 points at 300-level for each.
  • A student taking a conjoint degree with the Bachelor of Commerce must also complete the core courses for the BCom.
  • A student taking a conjoint degree with the Bachelor of Science must also complete the BSc core course. 
  • Overall the 540 points will include 330 points above 100-level and a minimum of 150 points at 300-level.

Students who do not meet these requirements may instead transfer to the Certificate of Commerce or the Certificate of Science, with permission from the relevant Deans.

More information

Careful course planning is necessary when you are planning on studying conjoint or double degrees, to avoid overload and to ensure all requirements for each degree are met. It's best to speak with someone about this before you apply.

Contact the UC Liaison Office | Te Rōpū Takawaenga o UC or a Student Advisor in each relevant College or School.